Month: August 2015

When you are on a bicycle, the world looks different!

RentSetGo was happy to partner with adventure travel operator for a bicycle trip from Karjat to Kondhana caves. It was a memorable experience for us as we added thrill to a weekend of some crazy travel enthusiasts!

Lined up just before the ride

All lined up for the ride

“One of the craziest outing till date for me because of the craziest people in the group. Most of them were not regular riders still the enthusiasm was on its peak. The route was beautiful and scenery was just amazing. Cycling in rain was a great experience” says Kedar Kalamkar who led this biking trip. 


Amazing cycling enthusiasts


The joy of riding


Travelers with impeccable levels of energy!

The beauty that is at Kondhana caves!

The beauty that is at Kondhana caves!

“Everyone was comfortable with their cycles and had the real cycling fun during the whole ride!” added Kedar.

You can also ride and get closer to the nature with the an amazing range of bicycles! Rent away from RentSetGo today and have a thrilling weekend!

Sharing the spirit of Independence with the world – Mumbai style!

RentSetGo set on yet another adventurous journey painting the town with tri-color and sharing the spirit of Independence with amazing thrill seekers from AIESEC, Mumbai on the Discover Mumbai Weekender!

When students from different parts of the world come to witness Mumbai on Independence day, what better way would be there to set on a bicycle ride on the streets of South Bombay at midnight where the view was as stunning as it could get!




Rent. Set. Go! Discovering Mumbai the sharing way!

What are you waiting for?! Put your adventure socks on! Get a bike from RentSetGo and discover Mumbai to experience thrill!

Never too young to lead!

‘Start-up’ isn’t just a buzzword anymore – it has evolved to define the working youth culture of today. A start-up is what happens when smart folks gauge our needs before we do, and see a concept through to reality. If you have a specific problem or a requirement, chances are there’s probably a start-up for it.

On occasion of International Youth Day, join the interactive session with some young entrepreneurs, including a talk by our very own CEO Shruti Ajmera Reddy to get inspired and get insights into the start-up ecosystem.

The Young Turks

The Young Turks Common Room interactions will be on the following themes:

1. Entering the Start-up Era: Risks and Benefits
2. Staying Ahead of Your Competitors
3. Innovation: The Key to Success for Every Business
4. Customer Relationship Management: Striving for Customer Satisfaction
5. Personal Success Stories

Join us at The Hive, Bandra on Wednesday, 12th August at 5PM and engage in meaningful conversation with The Young Turks.

Register here –

Check out Common Room: The Young Turks event page for more details.
*This event is open to students only.

A ride to Kanheri with IIT-B Cycling club

Team RentSetGo joined the IIT-Bombay cycling club for a 50 km biking trip to Kanheri led by our inspirational mentor Anil Uchil!


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